10 Boring PR Tasks We’re Happy to Automate

Nextiva[8] is a fully fledged VOIP phone system which lets you record your calls and track the leads/companies you communicate with in a CRM. Close.io[9] is also a cool little app that lets you track and record conversations with influencers, so you can focus on the discussion at hand. When you make a phone call to someone on your media list, Close.io logs it automatically in the influencer’s contact record – you don’t have to do any manual data entry. Close.io offers audio recording, too, so you can refer back to the actual conversation, not your incomplete notes, whenever you need to. If you need the call transcribed, Close.io also integrates with Rev[10], a suspiciously inexpensive audio transcription service.


9. Building social dashboards for clients

How many hours of your life have you devoted to pulling social media reports from different sources, manually aggregating them in Excel, and emailing them one by one to clients? There’s a better way to keep clients informed, and it’s called Netvibes[11].

Netvibes is a tool that even the biggest automation skeptics can get behind. With Netvibes, you can offer clients your very own proprietary, custom-branded social dashboard that automatically pulls in real-time results from all the social campaigns you’re running. Clients can access their dashboard 24 hours a day, from any device, and you’ll never have to build another Excel pivot table again.


10. Searching for keywords on Twitter

If your clients have an active presence on Twitter, social monitoring tools might not be enough to keep track of the entire conversation, especially if you’re using a free or inexpensive platform that doesn’t offer keyword searches.

Twilert[12] is a simple but powerful tool that offers Twitter search alerts – think of it as Google alerts for Twitter. You can get real-time alerts of Tweets containing search terms that you specify, as well as hashtags and brand mentions. You can sign up to get email alerts by the minute, hour, day, or week.

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