Get to Know a VIP: The Press Release Approval Process – Nintex

This is the second installment in our ‘Very Important Process’ (VIP) series, in which we look at some of the most important processes across different business departments.

Today, we’re exploring the press release process.

Much like a ‘Very Important Person’, very important processes are often given special treatment due to their significance in the organization. For those that missed the first post of the series[1], let’s briefly restate what we mean by a VIP:

very important process-Nintex

Now let’s identify the VIP when it comes to the press release process—from creation to publication—and how Nintex, with its easy-to-use intelligent process automation technology[2], can help you make content-centric processes more efficient.

Hold the Press

Press releases are an important component to a PR professional’s communications arsenal.

Companies can easily create and distribute their own press releases to announce news to a variety of stakeholders, making this an effective alternative of generating visibility versus paid advertising campaigns.

However, creating and approving press releases can be a cumbersome process. You’ll often need to get quotes from your C-Level executives and your content will need to go through various stages of internal/external approval from stakeholder to stakeholder.

The press release approval is undoubtedly a VIP for your communications team. So, the question is how can this process be streamlined to save time and reduce errors?

Finding the VIP in the Press Release Process

The “approval process” is a vital part of generating a press release and any type of company content or public information. It’s important to write well; and always double and triple check your work. Skipping over the details can damage your reputation and credibility.

Sticking to these guidelines doesn’t mean getting a bunch of individuals involved in the approval process, either.

Your job is to work fast and work well.

The more steps that are added to the press release approval process, requiring another action from an individual, the longer it’s going to take to publish your company’s news.

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