Press Release Approval Process | How to Create and Approve in Time?

What is a Press Release and how to create one? This is what a lot of employees working in different grades and at times even the top management will conflict ideas about. Besides, creating a PR is just the first step because you should know when to approve and release it to gain maximum impact.

Based on the type of products or services the organization deals with, press releases could be/ should be sent at regular intervals or can be done only when there are specific announcements to make.

What is the Official Explanation of a Press Release?

press release approval

A press release refers to an official statement created by an organization or an individual on behalf of an entity to relate an announcement or an update to an already released news. It allows them to easily get in touch with newspapers, magazines, and social media, as they have become an integral part of news distribution in modern times.

The Common Obstacles Faced in Press Release Approval Process

  1. The digital marketing/ content management team are always given the responsibility of creating a PR that has the right words, straight to the point and doesn’t add anything that is not approved by the top management
  2. Approvals are mandatory because executive managers, CEOs represent the company and any statement made by the firm should be approved by them which is a time-consuming process
  3. Most PR releases often get delayed because an average employee in the marketing team may not be able to get in touch with executives in time to get approval
  4. Any file created offline should be emailed to the person and it may easily get lost in the pile of emails that are already pending to be read
  5. The executives often make changes to the statement or words used in the file which has to be sent to the writer for further modification which leads to more lost time
  6. Distributing the press release to all the popular media channels manually is difficult and one has to maintain a database of email addresses that they can use but it can be stored with only one person

What are the Different Stages a Press Release Goes Through Before Final Approval?

1. PR Requirement

The first and foremost is to have a PR requirement. Unlike advertisements or in-house announcements made in an organization, a press release can be triggered only when there is a requirement to do so. It could be because a new product is being launched, a new feature is being added, to clarify a situation or to let the press know what is happening regarding a burning issue.

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